Rules & Regulations - Lalit Narain Tirhut Mahavidyalaya

Rules & Regulations


To promote incisive learning showing clear thought and lucid understanding, the institute strictly follows the rules and regulations very carefully formed by B.R.A. Bihar University, Muzaffarpur which the college is constituent unit to and the regulations of the Govt. of Bihar. Not flouting the University statute, with the spontaneous support of Teaching, Non-teaching and Students Council is invested with the authoritative power to quell any urgent problem in the campus and formulate policy for the steady growth and development of academic culture.
Disciplinary Code for Students
The provided set of rules and guidelines outlines the expectations and regulations for students at this particular college. Here's a breakdown of each rule:
1. College Identity Card: Every student is required to carry their college identity card and display it prominently on their dress while on campus. This is a common practice for security and identification purposes.
2. Attendance Requirement: Students are expected to maintain a minimum attendance of 75% for all classes held within their respective departments, as per the rules of B.R.A. Bihar University. Exceptions may be made for students who are genuinely sick or have serious reasons for missing classes, subject to approval by the Heads of the Departments.
3. Anti-Ragging Policy: Ragging, a form of harassment, is considered a criminal offense. Any student found guilty of ragging will face legal and/or punitive actions in accordance with UGC and B.R.A. Bihar University guidelines. This is a strict measure to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all students.
4. Gender Harassment: The institution strictly prohibits gender harassment. Any acts of gender harassment, as defined by the Vishakha Guidelines set by the Supreme Court of India, will be dealt with accordingly. This is aimed at creating a safe and respectful campus environment for all students.
5. Behavioral Expectations: Admitted students are expected to behave responsibly and courteously not only on campus but also beyond, emphasizing the importance of good conduct in and out of the college.
6. Uniform Requirement: Students in vocational courses are required to wear the prescribed uniform as per the rules of their respective departments. Uniforms are often mandated for identification and professionalism in certain fields of study.
7. Mobile Phone Usage: The use of mobile phones in class is strictly prohibited. If a student is found with an activated mobile phone during class, it will be seized, and the student will be reported to the Principal or Head of the Department. This rule aims to maintain a focused learning environment during lectures.
8. Meetings: No meetings are to be held inside the college campus without the consent of the Principal. This ensures that all gatherings or meetings within the institution are organized and approved by the appropriate authority.
These rules and guidelines are essential for maintaining a safe, respectful, and productive learning environment within the college. They also serve to align the conduct and responsibilities of students with the institution's expectations and the broader legal and regulatory framework.